frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

what are the best practices for uploading an image?

When uploading a design to our design tool, it is always best to select the highest resolution images possible. We support both vector and raster images. We recommend uploading a  .PNG sized to the exact size of the print desired and saved at 300 dpi.  Our staff is more than happy to answer anymore questions.

do your garments differ in quality?

Yes they do. We try to offer a selection of garments that are suitable for all budgets. Whilst all our garments are good quality, some print better than others. If you'd like some advice on choosing a garment to suit your artwork just give us a call at (682) 463 - 0028

are there any order minimums to meet?

No.  We can print a minimum of 1.

am i limited to a of number colors in my design?

No.  We print on state of the art direct to garment machines that can produce up to 16 million colors.  With digital technology we're able to cutout many of the issues that screen printing presented such as order minimums, color limitations & detail reduction.

can you match Pantone colors?

DTG can produce over 16 million colors. All artwork is converted to RGB and although the colors are bright and vibrant, it is not possible to get an exact match to a Pantone color. 

how do i figure out my size?

An easy way is to simply grab one of your own t-shirts that fits well and lay it flat on the table. Measure across the chest from armpit to armpit (half chest) and match to the garment accordingly. Every garment has a size chart and other information in the Product Info link.

*Please note that the size charts are a GUIDE ONLY and there is an accepted industry tolerance around 1 inch length and width 

what if I need a style or color that isn't on your website?

Just give us a call on (682) 463-0028 or send an email to with the details of what you need and we'll do our best to source it for you, no problem at all. 

can i buy blank t-shirts?

Sure, all our products can be purchased blank directly from the website or you can email us with the details of what you're looking for

DTG prints at a high resolution and is perfect for full colour designs with a lot of detail and also photographic images. It prints up to 1200dpi and fine details are preserved.  So get creative with your design!

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Give us a call! 682-463-0028 or Shoot us an email!

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